Welcome to The Legion Of Donuts’ Official Blog.  I shall keep it brief for now, I may return to this post and update it later on, but we won’t worry about that now.

A short summary of The Legion Of Donuts is that we are 4 geeks from Henderson, Nevada.  We have been geeks all our lives, were drawn together because of our shared interests in geeky matters, and decided to share our love of all things Geek with the world.

The Legion was officially formed in July of 2012 when we started broadcasting our podcast on BlogTalkRadio here.  From there, we have begun to expand into social media so as to get our words of Geek Gospel out to the world.

With this blog, I hope to create a space where we can share detailed stories or interviews that might not make it onto the show due to time or technical restraints.  I also hope to have a space for show notes to be posted so that those who are interested in what we discuss can look up where we found our facts, get more of the background story, and, as we are always looking for input, correct or critique our presentation of the stories.

I shall leave this short summation of my plans for now, I most likely will return at some point in the future to add and edit these goals as they change, are achieved, or disappear.  Until that time, please enjoy what is to follow here, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the actions of The Legion Of Donuts!

-Supreme Overlard,
Lex Cruller

-A.K.A. David